Twitter to Work on Big Profile Design Change

Famous social network Twitter is working on a big profile change, latest reports reveal. It seems that what Twitter is willing to do is to achieve a profile design more similar to Facebook and Google +. 

It apparently is time for important changes at Twitter, who shows its intention to redesign the social network almost a week after introducing a redesigned website. 

The new profile design seems to be quite similar to the Facebook Timeline and the Google + profile page. From this point of view, it looks like Twitter is willing to make the social network more user friendly.

Reports indicate that there are many changes in plans for Twitter, numerous profile elements being redesigned. 

Some of the changes that are to be made to Twitter have been reported by Mashable, which says that on the Twitter profile of each user the photo has been moved to the left.

Below the photo, there are the Who to Follow and United States Trends sections. These changes make Twitter more similar to Facebook, in terms of design.

Actually, it is said that these new changes aim to make Twitter more focused on photos, as well as on content. 

The change that was spotted at this point is just a test that Twitter performed. This means that it was, at least for now an experiment, so the profile changes have been seen just by a small number of users. 

It is not yet certain what Twitter plans on doing, so the famous social network may only be testing a new design. Naturally, there is no word on if and when the new look will go live. Moreover, the main question that remains to be asked in this context is what will users think about this latest design change. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks at the moment, having over 200 million users.  Twitter refused to make any comments regarding this particular change that the famous company might have in plans. So, it is yet to find out more details about this new release. Would you like to see such changes in Twitter soon? 

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