Twitter Launches New Tool That Helps Women Report Harassment

Twitter has decided to address a very common issue experienced by women nowadays with the use of a new app. The famous social networking site has actually launched a new tool that allows women to report harassment. 

The fact that Twitter wants to make a statement against harassment is not that new. In fact, the social media site has already taken an active approach against harassment and inappropriate content this year. Now, Twitter decided to take a new step on this way. For this, Twitter has actually partnered with Women, Action & Media, a nonprofit organization. 

The new tool promises to help users report abuse and harassment easier, on Twitter, but also get the issue resolved in about 25 hours. This new tool is available in an easy to follow form. The purpose is “to support all Twitter users experiencing harassment and abuse on the platform due to their gender”, as a press release revealed. 

Numerous people have suffered from online abuse and harassment on the social networking site, so there is no wonder after all that the site is willing to take action on that direction. The report will go directly to the WAM, which will analyze the claims and come with a response as fast as possible. The group will also analyze how gender-based harassment takes place on Twitter. They will also come with certain solutions on how to deal with these cases and how to stop them from occurring. The new tool will be able to gather information on the type of abuse that commonly takes place.

The reality is that more than 25 percent of young women have been sexually abused online, while 26 percent have been stalked. Naturally, online harassment is not something new. However, the need to do something to stop it emerged now, as the abuse is more and more frequent. If Twitter will really become a safer service for women, this will definitely be a very positive thing. 

Twitter is nowadays one of the most powerful and popular social media sites in the world. With millions of users, Twitter is a powerful communication tool. 

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