Twitter Gets Two-Factor Authentication System

Twitter announced on Wednesday that their online network will receive a two-factor authentication system to prevent hackers from breaking into their subscribers’ pages. The measure was adopted after important mass media institutions, such as, the Associated Press, the BBC and 60 Minutes have been attacked by hackers to publish fictional news, PC World reports.

Online users reveal most of their personal data on social networks, which is why Twitter has decided to join the group of websites adopting measures to improve their security system. The two-factor authentication that was added on Wednesday is the first step that the Twitterverse has made in order to protect the profiles of their subscribers.

According to the information provided by the spokespersons of the social network, the two-factor authentication system was adopted because many account owners have had their data compromised by “email phishing schemes”. The new system requires users to provide a verified phone number and a confirmed email address. The two-step authentication is not obligatory; users can opt for this system by selecting “require verification code when I sign in”. The verification code, a six-digit number, will be sent directly on the phone number that was provided during registration.

Unfortunately, this system may not work with some phone providers as it was built with the help of Twitter via SMS. Yet, these glitches, together with other security problems that users may encounter in the future, will be solved by additional features.

Users need not worry that their applications may not function properly because the company reassures them that existing programs will not be modified in any way after the selection of the two-factor authentication. However, there are some steps they need to accomplish in case they visit their profile using a different device. The administrators of the social network told the press that users will have to revisit the page of the application and generate a temporary password so they would log in and re-authorize the application. The choice of the password that users select for their accounts is equally important as the two-step authentication; therefore, subscribers need not neglect this aspect.

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