Twitter changes hair, but not its nature

The famous social channel announced today that the management is planning to make some changes that will facilitate users’ access to their accounts. Like the well-known proverb says, Twitter decided to change its hair, but not its nature; the majority of the modifications that will be enacted will not affect the general structure of the programme.

The decision to revamp Twitter was taken due to the increasing use of iOS and Android-based devices. Reps announced this morning that the company is looking to make the social network more accessible to followers by creating various applications for smartphones. In addition, the changes will enable advertisers to quickly make their campaigns visible to followers.

Based on the official statement of the company, the modifications will be performed on some of the most important features of the social platform. Users will have to get familiar with the notions of “home” and “discover” in the weeks to come because these features will enable them to quickly access their accounts and view their most important tweets. The members of the social network will be able to use the “home” function in order to view their profile regardless of the computer or mobile phone they use. Moreover, the famous Twitter hashtag was rebranded as a “discover” tool.

The statement further said that Twitter will also include branding pages in the following days. This change was designed to give advertisers a wider range of promotion services.

Given the success of Zuckerberg’s social network, Jack Dorsey is trying to make Twitter more Facebookish. Twitter’s spokespersons told the press that the improved platform gives users the possibility to expand tweets in order to see everything from retweets to photos and videos. While the San Francisco company tries to prove that these changes are unique, analysts think Twitter borrows more and more elements from its Facebook rival. The latter is already accessible to Android-based phones and it gives users the possibility to post comments, photos, videos, etc.

The changes haven’t been introduced on the social platform, yet. According to reps’ declarations, the modifications will be visible in a few weeks. However, some Twitter users have already announced that they have a “home” and a “discover” tag.

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