“Twilight Saga: New Moon”, better than “Breaking Dawn-Part 1”

The Twilight Saga fans have spoken: “New Moon” was better than “Breaking Dawn-Part 1”. At least, that’s what the figures say. According to Us Weekly, the latest movie of the most popular vampire franchise has cashed in 3.3 million dollar less, domestically.
“Breaking Dawn -Part 1” failed to impress the American public as much as “New Moon” had. The latest movie in the twilight Saga topped the box office list this weekend, however, it did not surpass the New Moon’s first weekend. In 2009, the saga’s sequel summed up 142.8 million dollars. This year, the sum reached 139.5 million dollars. That’s 3.3 million less, which means over 400,000 people did not return to see Bella and Edward’s wedding. Or maybe they were just out of town!

Ranked #2 at the box office was the 3D animation movie Happy Feet Two(lately, the dancing theme has progressively gained the attention of the Hollywood directors – see Happy Feet, Footloose, Step Up2, and more). At number 3 landed last week’s no.1, “Immortals”.
Here is the box office top for the past weekend:

10. The Descendants – $1.2 million 
9. In Time – $ 1.6 million
8. Harold & Kumar 3D Xmas – $2.9 million
7. J. Edgar – $5.9 million
6. Tower Heist – $6.9 million
5. Puss In Boots – $10.7 million
4. Jack and Jill – $12.0 million
3. Immortals – $12.2 million
2. Happy Feet Two – $22.0 million
1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – $139.5 million

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  1. can i say i’m the most biggest fan ever bella you are so lucky you get to have jacob and edward……………………lol:) i wish when i grow up because im 12 year old i have 3 kids 1 girl and 2 boys my girl will be name bella and one of my boys jacob and the other boy will be named edward i went to the mall and got $275 stuff of our guys stuff___________man i cant wait a year for the nexts breaking to come out lol

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