“Twilight” Kiowa Gordon Sues Website For Posting Pictures Of His Genitals

“Twilight” star, Kiowa Gordon decided to sue a website after posting pictures of his genitals on the Internet. The explicit pics were made public earlier this week. They displayed the actor while holding his “nether regions”, so Gordon immediately started a legal attack, says TMZ.

Some celebrities would do everything to be in the center of attention, including posting nude pictures of themselves on the Internet or “accidentally” leaking them to unreliable sources. Others, on the other hand, prefer to keep their private lives and their intimate body parts away from the media’s attention. Such is the case of Kiowa Gordon, who found out one day that several photos of his genitals were published on the Internet without his consent.

The “Twilight” star was very revolted by the sight of the photos and he immediately contacted his legal representatives to determine the online publication to remove the pics. His lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter in order to oblige the site to conform to Gordon’s requests of removing the photos.

The website is famous among Internet users because it enables anyone to post porn pictures of people as a sign of “revenge”. Nobody knows what exactly happened with the website after the legal action was made, but it is presumed it was closed because the pages can no longer be accessed. The online space was bought the next day by an anti-bullying website and now the pages are automatically directed towards the homepage of the new publication.

Since the nude pics have disappeared from the Internet, the actor has no reason to continue his legal pursuit against the “revenge” porn website. So far, Gordon did not make any declarations about what he plans to do next. However, he may ask to get compensated if the photos have been shared by other websites and his image risks to be affected by the incident.

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