“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” trailer finally out!

The “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” trailer is finally out. On September 13, the trailer was first presented by Yahoo! News. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out below!

Twilight fans have waited for this moment for months! And now here it is – the glimpse we have all been waiting for! The new trailer uncovers more details of the love story between Bella and Edward, as the tension rises!

The romance between human Bella and vampire Edward has started by accident. And those of you, who remember the first time they met, know exactly that it was literally an accident. She was about to get hit by a car and he saved her. Since that moment, strange and powerful emotions began to appear and grow in each of their hearts and beat all the odds: the vampire and the girl fall in love. However, their love story has ups and downs to the point that they want to die for each other and get saved by the other.
The second and third part in the saga reveals a love triangle when Bella’s childhood friend, Native American Jacob, turns into a werewolf and joins the pack of Sam and confesses he is in love with the girl. An ancient war between vampires and werewolves comes to life again and Bella has to choose which of the men she wants to follow.

“Breaking Dawn” tells the story of Bella and Edward’s wedding, which draws a series of events, some sweet, others tragic. The new trailer reveals some of the hottest scenes in the movie. Bella’s wedding is like a fairy tale. During her wedding night, [which was Robert Pattinson’s favorite scene], she becomes pregnant and everything is well until she realizes that her baby bump is not quite right. Edward’s father, Dr. Cullen, concludes that the baby and the mother are not compatible and Edward goes insane thinking that Bella could die. On the other hand the werewolf pack, led by Sam, is planning on attacking Bella and her baby. Jacob comes to warn her and confesses he still love her.

See the trailer to find out more:

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