Twilight: Breaking Dawn scene causes seizures

One of the scenes from Twilight Breaking Dawn is allegedly causing people to have seizures. In several occasions, individuals from all over the country have reported having seizures during a specific scene while watching “Breaking Down: Part 1”.

The scene in question is a very tense part of the movie, the birthing scene, which seems to be inducing severe reactions in the mists of the in-theater viewers. This precise type of situation is called photosensitive epilepsy and it’s triggered by the sequence of fast flashings of bright colors, in this case red, black and white.

Dr. Michael Chez, medical director of pediatric neurology and epilepsy for Sutter Sacramento, describes the nerve wracking scene as the moment a switch gets turned off by the brain being hit all at once by the flashes of light. He told CBS 13 that the environment in a theater only adds to this effect since the flashes take place in a very dark space.

Brandon Gephart and Kelly Bauman, who went to watch the movie on Friday, described how in the middle of the scene Brandon collapsed to the theater floor short of breath, convulsing and snorting. He woke up several minutes later when he was carried out of by paramedics. The screening was canceled due to the incident.

Severe reactions to the scene have been reported throughout the country. A married couple from Utah talked on ABC-4 in Salt Lake City about their experience. The husband, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear he might lose his job, told how the graphic, bright scene made him pass out, his entire body being tormented by severe shaking.

He told ABC-4 that he doesn’t remember being on the floor of the theater or mumbling incoherently to his wife before he blacked out. His wife said his eyes become fixed on a certain point on the screen, blinking on and off while she was on her knees in front of him slapping his face in an attempt to make him snap out of it.

They left the theater but returned a day later only to hear about another incident with the same movie and scene. A girl watching the “Break Down: Part One” collapsed as well. The incident wasn’t confirmed by the multiplex manager though, who claimed to not have been aware of this instance.


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  1. well to me it sounds like they should take the movie down if its doing this to people 2 of my friends had the same thing happen to them they got really dizzy and shaky and it scared them… i want to see it really badly and ive been waiting for it to come out but right about now i dont know if i should watch it because of it and that really upsets me cuz i am a really huge fan!!

  2. I also went to watch the movie on saturday two weeks ago with my the same part of the movie i had a seizure that lasted a minute.i was rushed to the hospital

  3. I witnessed a person having a seizure in the theater I was at on 11-18-11 while watching the birth scene in the movie. I agree with ‘mandy’ who says there should be warnings posted. Someone is going to get seriously hurt and this is obviously not a fluke.

  4. I am just wondering if these “incidents” could be just part of these people’s life, it just hadn’t surfaced yet?! I do not think the movie should be pulled, however, a disclaimer warning of the POTENTIAL reaction. There are many people, and I know some……that the mere suggestion of a problem will make it manifest. If you are truly concerned……DON’T GO SEE IT!! Use common sense. jmo

  5. This happens all the time. Read the papers that come with any video game; they all contain warnings re epilepsy. The movie doesn’t “cause” epilepsy, it can however trigger a seizure. But then again, so can riding in a car past a picket fence at a certain speed.

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