Twesumes – Can They Really Land You a Job?

Some companies prefer traditional CVs, but other confess they would love to see how daring and original their applicants can get. Twesumes – 140-character resumes that are posted on Twitter – represent the latest trend job seekers can resort to, but can they really land you a job? Read the full article and find out what experts think about Twesumes.

Twitter resumes were first introduced in 2011, but very few people have actually used them. Analysts think applicants were right to show reluctance towards Twesumes as there are very few companies that would actually accept this format. According to Sai Pradhan, a headhunter and managing director for TrufflePig Search in Hong Kong, using the Twitterverse to apply for a job position is very unlikely to draw managers’ interest. He believes the 140 characters available on Twitter are not enough to provide all the information that is usually included in the CV. “I cannot imagine someone explaining their breadth of experience in just 140 characters,” he added.

Despite living in the high speed era, Pradhan considers the selection process must not be reduced to Twesumes. He acknowledges the fact that sometimes you need to create a controversy to draw managers’ attention, but using a 140-character resume is too much. Twesumes can only work as brief introductions and links to the real CVs, in the headhunter’s opinion.

Some companies, however, have made it clear that they prefer “web presence” instead of traditional resumes. Union Square Ventures, for instance, requested job seekers to post links to the websites where they have been most active; the trend has been rapidly adopted by many other tech companies. The largest Twitter campaign was the one developed by the chief marketing officer of U.S. technology company Enterasys, Vala Afshar. The latter posted a job announcement for the position of senior social media strategist requiring candidates to post #SocialCV links and have more than 1,000 Twitter followers. Hundreds of applicants have posted links, but only 15 of them have been selected for in-person interviews. This proves, in Pradhan’s opinion, that recruitments performed with the help of social media cannot replace the traditional face-to-face selection process.

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