Turkey Threatens Syria After Bombardment

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, Turkey threatened Syria after another bombardment took place on Saturday. This is the fourth day of retaliatory artillery fire and authorities fear the fight in Syria could soon become a regional conflict involving many other nations.

Another Syrian attack took place on the Turkish territory on Saturday causing Turkey officials to issue a threatening statement. The latest shelling was caused by the declaration that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a day before. He asked Syria not to test their “limits and determination”, adding that the warnings are very serious.

Based on authorities’ declarations, the area that was hit by the mortar was set near the village of Guvecci. Several minutes earlier an intense fight broke out on Syria’s territory between the military forces of President Bashar Assad and the rebels in the region. The report further read that the mortar made no victims as it landed 50 meters on the Turkish territory and 700 meters away from the village. The army unit located near Guvecci responded immediately to the attack with four 81-mm mortars.

Syrian authorities issued a statement saying that the attack was a mistake. The mortar was fired by the forces of the Syrian Arab Republic against the Syrian rebel groups and it was meant to land on the Syrian territory. Inhabitants of the Guvecci village rushed outside their homes as soon as the mortar hit the Turkish territory. They all left the border area and headed towards a safer place in the village.

Tensions between Syria and Turkey began on Wednesday when a mortar hit a home in a Turkish village killing two women and three children. Turkey responded with a long artillery fire and officials decided on Thursday to allow cross border military operations in Syria. The decision increased the tensions between the two nations that used to be close allies in the past. The Unites States have sided with their NATO ally, Turkey, condemning the attacks as “aggressive actions of the Syrians”. 

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