Try These Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Day is that day of the year when it’s all about delicious traditional food and family. So, if you’re planning to take on the cook part for the day, you should try these Thanksgiving recipes for a delicious holiday meal.

Cooking for Thanksgiving Day is most of the time a challenge even for the most experienced chefs. Back in the old days, cooking the Thanksgiving Day wasn’t as hard as today’s. You have to take into account special diets, avoid allergens such as gluten and peanuts. In fact, most times the chef has to cook two kinds of the same food just to make sure everybody can eat it safely.

We browsed the Internet and cooking books and found several Thanksgiving Day recipes that will make cooking for all your guests on special diets a little bit easier. Remember, that today more and more people go vegan or are allergic to gluten or simply can’t eat something because of their diabetes.  Nobody said cooking for everybody is going to be easy!

If you have friends that don’t eat meat (be it holiday time or not) a Thanksgiving Day traditional menu won’t be that appetizing. But some vegan recipes can be a great addition to your holiday menu even for meat lovers. The Vegetarian Resources says to try a pumpkin soup (since it’s their season) or butternut squash with wild rice stuffing. By the way, eggs, butter and milk are animal products. However alternatives such as soft tofu and soy milk are just as delicious.

People who have a gluten allergy are always having a hard time eating food they haven’t cooked or bought themselves. So eating somewhere else on Thanksgiving Day is always kind of risky. Make sure you don’t “poison” your guests and be careful about cross-contamination. You can find a list of gluten-free foods on Gluten-free recipes websites say you should try oven-baked mashed potatoes or Riesling baked pears.

When it comes to diabetics, the problem is that they have a restrictive diet that dictates for low sugar and carbs foods. The Thanksgiving Day turkey roast is a good place to start, but that’s not all you’re putting on the table, right? Plus, since they need to nibble on something every now and then it’s a good idea to put on the table slices of vegetables.  Sugar Free Chic recommends you try a bacon Brussels sprouts dish for your diabetic guests.

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