“True Blood” Creator To Leave The Series Next Season

Alan Ball, the creator of “True Blood” released an interview for Reuters saying that he plans to leave the HBO series next season. The American screenwriter is taking a one-year vacation to improve his mental and physical health.

Being the creator of a TV show is a difficult job, especially if you are a control freak. That is why Alan Ball announced on Sunday that he will be withdrawing from the HBO series “True Blood” at the end of the next season.

Alan Ball has taken the decision to leave the show because he feels exhausted. He told reporters that he plans to take a year off, but he didn’t say whether he will join “True Blood” after the break. The writer thinks this is the best time to leave because the show is doing very well and the members of the team know what they have to do to carry on his voice on the series. In addition, Ball has always allowed producers to have a say on the script because they can thus, do a better job, so they will continue to do the same once he leaves the series.

Although “True Blood” is a vampire-based serial, the story is in fact a metaphor for sex. Alan explained that the idea came to him as he was studying the mystique of vampires. He understood that sex is closely related to the culture of vampires and he concentrated all his attention on this aspect. Thus, the vampires in the show stand for sex as well as for homosexual communities and for African American people.

Depending on the success of his future projects, Alan Ball may or may not come back to ‘True Blood’ after a year. The screenwriter will take care of numerous movies including the big commercial comedy, “The F Word” for Paramount.

In January 2013, Alan will start filming for a movie that he wrote 11 years ago. “What the Matter with Margie?” is a dark comedy about a woman who is going through a bad day and starts to fight back. The film starring Elizabeth Banks will be directed by Dan Minahan.

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