Triumph Creates “Support Japan Bra”

The popular lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a new and odd model named “Support Japan Bra”. The lingerie doesn’t consist only in bras, but in differed lingerie pieces. They all carry messages of encouragement for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

After receiving thousands of messages from the companies in the branch from all over the world, the Japanese lingerie manufacturer decided to create a special model in which to incorporate the greatest part of those messages. This experience would fit best the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” The Japanese have almost always conducted themselves after this saying throughout history and it is not even theirs.

Triumph International Japan Ltd. is known for its original concepts, so this wasn’t entirely a surprise. The company has created before unusual concepts, for example bras that can say “Welcome To Japan” in 3 different languages. The latest creation is a two piece lingerie that consists in a white strapless bustier and white a mini skirt. Both are covered with positive massages from all over the globe that send their support to the victims of the latest disaster in Japan. Some of the messages are simple and concrete, others are very sensitive.

For this supportive project, the company collected messages from 54 employees in 36 countries including China, Greece, Russia, Germany, France and more. Each message has near it the flag of the country that it was from. “Those who have already left us let us know life is so fragile, and those who are alive let us know life is so strong” said a message from China. Other messages expressed admiration for Japan’s strength and determination to endure and overcome the effects of the disaster. Each message was written in the sender’s own language; they were not translated

The lingerie is not for sale. The concept was created as part of a tradition that the company follows. Two times a year, it releases unique bras in order to reflect social trends. This time, the “social trend” wasn’t concentrated on something positive, so Triumph thought of getting something good out of it. “We thought it better to deliver our feelings of support through the product” said a spokesman for the company.

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  1. Last time a bra supported a cause, it was feminism. But hey, what’s a bra got to do with boosting the morale of a nation? Check out what the 1minuteblogger has to say

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