Trista Sutter Had Plastic Surgery

From the looks of it “The Bachelorette” finally found a really successful story. Trista Sutter, the 39-year-old mother and current Bachelorette confessed in an interview with “Life & Style” she had plastic surgery done.

Before raising all hell against Trista Sutter for having plastic surgery, you might want to know she had it after becoming a mom. Like many other mothers not enjoying celebrity status, losing the baby weight and getting back on track with everyday life and workout wasn’t easy for Trista Sutter.

The Bachelorette’s new star looked good for a mother of two, but plastic surgery seems to have helped change a lot from good to gorgeous. Trista Sutter told “Life & Style” she hated how her “boobs were deflated” and her “droopy eye”.

Trista Sutter decided to have plastic surgery just ahead of her 40th birthday, this October 28. She had two procedures done: breast augmentation and an eyelid lift. “After nursing both my kids for a year each, my boobs were deflated” said the new star of “The Bachelorette”.

“And I had a droopy eye. It was something that I noticed in every picture I’ve ever taken” the mother of two added. “Life & Style” reports Trista Sutter’s plastic surgeries were done in a single day. She had “ a blepharoplasty to lift her eyelids and remove the bags under her eyes, and breast augmentation with an internal lift that increased her cup size from a small B to a full C – all in one day”.

“I realized that the surgery was something I had to do for myself, just for my own self confidence and to feel good again about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband” confessed the 39-year-old Bachelorette.

“He wanted me to be happy, so he said ‘Whatever you need to do to make yourself happy, go for it” said Trista Sutter of her husband, Ryan Sutter. “I wanted to feel pretty again – and I do” the Bachelorette added.

The truth is that Trista Sutter looks great for a mother of two who isn’t part of the A list Hollywood celebrity. Just look at the before and after photo and you’ll see for yourself.

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