Transcend SSD370S an excellent hard drive

The new Transcend SSD370S is a great release for fans of solid-state drives. On top of that, this new hard drive is also affordable and fast. This SSD is available at the price of 360 dollars at 1TB capacity, making it the least-expensive solid-state drive on the market.

However, the new Transcend SSD370S is available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB at even lower costs. To be mentioned that after some certain tests, consumers declared that this could close to top drives on the market. This new internal drive supports data encryption and has a high endurance rating.

However, there is also a little catch on the new Transcend, because this SSD comes with only 3-year warranty, which is a band thing considering that other devices on the market are released with a generous 5-year or even 10-years warranty. Some of these drives are Samsung 850 Pro and OCZ Vector 180.

Well, customers who are not interested in the warranty period, could consider that Transcend SSD370S is a good deal for them, because it is a budged SSD with a good performance that can be compared with some of the high-end drives. Customers who are in search to upgrade their computers, this new internal drive is a good product to buy. Because it doesn’t have no moving parts, the new Transcend SSD370S is more reliable and much faster.

The new Transcend SSD370S comes with a decent design and is a standard 2.5-inch internal drive. Compared with many other drives of its type, this device comes in a 7mm thickness and probably is slightly thinner than the 9.5mm of a true standard laptop hard drive.

Being a slimmer drive means that it can work in more situations, and can be used from desktops to standard laptops and probably even on some ultrabooks. To be mentioned that the new Transcend SSD370S comes in an aluminum casing and is very light, weighing only 1.86 ounces. The company also offers another version of this hard drive that comes in plastic casing, even if the two version are the same, including the pricing. 

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