Tracy Morgan was released from Hospital

Famous comedian Tracy Morgan was just released from hospital. The star had to remain in hospital, under medical supervision for about five weeks. The hospitalization came after Morgan was seriously injured in a car crash. The tragic accident led to the death of another comedian, one of Morgan’s friends. 

Even though doctors allowed Morgan to leave the hospital, he will still have to remain committed to his recovery. The comedian will continue his recovery process at home. A spokesman for Tracy Morgan revealed that the actor will undergo an “aggressive outpatient program.” 

“He asked me to pass along his sincerest gratitude to everyone who has helped him get to this point,” Lewis Kay claimed. After the accident, Tracy Morgan suffered some serious injuries. It has been reported that his legs, nose and ribs were broken. The accident occurred on June 7, when a truck crashed into the vehicle in which Morgan was riding to New York. 

The tragic accident led to the death of James McNair, a comedian who had been good friends with Tracy Morgan. The star was best known by his stage name, Jimmy Mack. Ardie Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea were also injured in the crash. This week it has been revealed that Morgan has decided to sue the company who owned the truck that caused this tragic accident.

Morgan’s lawyers claimed that Walmart should be accused of negligence. They argued the fact that the driver who caused the accident was too tired, as he actually hadn’t slept for 24 hours before the car crash. One the other hand, the truck driver has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Wal-Mart already showed to be really cooperative on this case. If the fact that the truck driver was driving after 24 hours of not sleeping at all is true, the company may face some serious consequences. “We know it will take some time to resolve all of the remaining issues as a result of the accident, but we’re committed to doing the right thing for all involved,” a statement from Wal-Mart said. 

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