Tracy Morgan Struggling to Recover after Car Crash

It seems that famous actor Tracy Morgan is not doing fine now, even though it has been claimed that the star has started his recovery. Apparently, Morgan is still struggling to recover after the car accident he had in June. 

Reports revealed that this terrible accident has left the star with a broken leg, nose and ribs. This accident has also led to the death of Morgan’s friend, popular comedian James McNair. So, the accident has not only affected Morgan when it comes to his health and physical wellbeing, but it has also meant a terrible emotional hit for him. It has also been revealed that following the accident, Morgan has underwent complex recovery treatment. 

However, Morgan’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli said that the star is not doing that well, as he is actually using a wheelchair and may not be able to walk for months. The lawyer said that the actor has achieved great progress when it comes to improving his condition, but he will have to wait for months until being completely well. Tracy Morgan has been under home recovery treatment since July, when he was released from the rehabilitation center. 

The six-car accident occurred while Tracy Moran was returning from a show in Delaware. His Mercedes-Bens limousine-van was struck by a Wal-Mart trucker on July 7. This accident has led to severe wounds of the passengers in the limousine-van, but it also caused the death of James McNair. Comedian associate Ardie Fuqua is still hospitalized. 

“He’s really having a tough time,” Morelli said in an interview with People magazine. Morelli also explained that Morgan is trying to cope with the death of his close friend. 

Tracy Morgan filled a lawsuit against the truck driver and the company for which he was working. The man, Kevin Roper, has pleaded not guilty to the charges which included vehicular homicide and assault. In the lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Tracy Morgan accused the company of negligence, which was a lead factor in the tragic events that occurred on the road. It seems that the driver had no slept for 24 hours before the crash and he was driving over the speed limit. Still, it is yet to see what the investigation conducted on this case will find.

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