Tracy Morgan Still Struggling to Recover After Accident

Apparently, famous actor Tracy Morgan is not doing fine now, either. The star is still struggling to recover following his car accident, his lawyers say. 

The star has been under recovery treatment for no less than two months. The accident left a series of wounds to the actor, who is battling now to come back from his accident, which took place back in June. During the same accident, famous comedian James McNair was killed. Following the incidents, the lawyers of the famous actor filed a lawsuit against Walmart. 

It is a well-known fact that Tracy Morgan was in critical condition after the accident. He remained in hospital for a while and had to undergo rehab treatment. However, the star is now home and he is continuing his recovery. Still, it seems that Morgan is not in such a great condition. He is under home treatment and he is “struggling, but he’s a fighter and he’s had issues before that he’s fought through, and he’s fighting hard,” his lawyer claimed. 

Benedict Morelli, the actor’s lawyer, said that Morgan has made progress when it comes to the recovery, but there is still much that has to be done. Still, the actor is fighting hard to recover, even though not everyday is great for him. 

Moreover, there is one wound that will not be simple to cure. The star’s friend and mentor, James McNair was killed in this severe crash. Morelli revealed during his interview that Tracy Morgan somehow feels responsible for the deadly accident. So, the issues that Morgan is dealing with right now are not only physical, but they are emotional, as well. 

Following the accident, a series of rumors have been linked to the actor and his condition. Some claimed that his leg had been amputated. However, it seems that some of these rumors were clarified at this point by the actor’s lawyer. The driver of the truck that was involved in the accident pleaded not guilty to the charges. Walmart claimed that they are willing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation on this case, as this is just a tragic accident. 

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