Toyota to recall 361,800 Vehicles

Toyota announced a new recall. The famous car maker revealed that it will recall no less than 361,800 vehicles globally. The recall actually regards three separate defects. In this Toyota recall there are included the popular Camry sedans. Reports indicate that the recall will affect vehicles in Japan and in Europe. 

This recall will also include vehicles with the defect that caused drivers to lose control of the car. Toyota claimed that they are not aware of any crashes or injuries linked to these defects. 170,000 Camry sedans will be called in for repairs. About 120,000 of these cars are in Europe, while 60 are in the US. The cars came with a defective ball joint, which could make the driver lose control of the vehicle. 

Toyota also recalled 86,000 Crown and Crown Majesta cars in Japan. These vehicles seem to have an issue with the seat belt. At the same time, the famous car maker is recalling 105,800 Hiace and Regius Ace vans, as well as Dyna model trucks, most of them in Japan. These models come with a defective fuel pipe, which has to be replaced. 

This is by far the first recall issued by Toyota this year. In fact, the company recalled over 1.67 million cars last month. This included three separate recalls for three defects. Naturally, all the needed repairs will be done with no costs for car owners. The car maker did not reveal how much this is going to cost the company.

Apparently, Toyota is not going through the best time possible at the moment. The famous company is actually involved in quite a scandal, linked to the use of airbags manufactured by Takata Corp. The defects in these airbags might even bring Toyota in a federal investigation. Four deaths have been linked to the defective airbags produced by Takata so far. 

Toyota is one of the biggest car makers in the world. The famous company managed to sale no less than 7.615 million cars in 2014 and most likely its sales will grow by the end of the year. 

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