Toyota Announces Avalon Sedans Recall

General Motors is not the only company recalling certain car models at the moment. Toyota actually is in a similar situation. The company announced the recall of Avalon Sedans. 

On Thursday, the company announced the recall of over 119,000 Avalon sedans, including the 2003 and 2004 models. It has been revealed that these cars have an electrical problem, which causes air bags and seatbelt tensioners in the cars to go off inadvertently. 

Toyota claimed that they just found out about this defect, which is linked to the air bag control module. The company said that this component actually was vulnerable to damage from electrical noise. All the vehicles that were recalled at this point are going to be repaired at dealerships. To be able to control the problem, the vehicles will have installed electrical noise filters to the airbag module, Toyota said. 

“Certain circuits within the airbag control module may be susceptible to damage if exposed to electrical noise from other electrical components” the statement from Toyota revealed. 

The federal law indicates that car makers have to report problems in their vehicles in a period of 5 days after discovering them. In case they fail to do so, they are most probably going to face civil fine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the authority to which car makers have to report when it comes to announcing problems in their vehicles. 

According to Toyota, just one minor injury occurred due this issue so far, but no accidents or fatalities can be linked to it. A spokesperson for Toyota claimed that more than 119,000 of these cars were sold in the United States. The company’s rep also revealed that over 4,000 were sold in the Middle East, while 1000 vehicles were shipped to Canada. About 50 cars were sold in China. 

Toyota said that all owners of the cars which are going to be recalled at this point will be notified via email, receiving more details about the recall and what they need to do. Last year, Toyota recalled about 1 million cars for the same issue. This included models such as Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix and Pontiac Vibe. 

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  1. Unfortunately, Toyota has shown that it cannot be trusted. Toyota’s whistleblower, Betsy Benjaminson, cites Toyota internal documents where Toyota displays disregard for what the public knows about known defects.

    Toyota continues to deceive the public. Michael Barr, a computer systems expert, uncovered an electronic software issue in Toyota vehicles. Toyota engineers refer to it as the “ghost in the engine” and it causes sudden unintended acceleration unrelated to floor mats and pedals.

    WHY isn’t Toyota letting the public know about the serious electronic issue in the ETCS?

    See also Dr. Antony Anderson’s paper on SUA and the debunking of driver pedal misapplication based on the NHTSA’s faulty 1989 study. Toyota, the public needs to hear from you. NHTSA and DOJ, are you looking at the very real electronic issue or are you going to turn blind eye to it?

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