Toshiba Releases World’s Thinnest Tablet

The first days of the Consumer Electronics Show are always so exciting, as companies struggle to get the spotlight and set the hype with their mind-boggling innovations in gadgets. From smartphones to laptops and PCs, this year’s focus is on the tablet, as cut-throat competition makes developers come up with stunning devices. It is the case of Toshiba, company that prepares the release of the world’s thinnest tablet.

Getting your hands on a 10-inch tablet might make you a little bit wary, as to exactly how functional such a device is. The truth is that, although it is no thicker than a ball-point pen, Toshiba’s Android Excite X10 features a Texas Instruments OMAP system, micro USB, micro HDMI ports, micro SD slot, dock connector and SRS sound enhancement technology.

Top that with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera coupled with a LED 5 megapixel back camera, at only 1.2 pounds, making it the lightest tablet to date. Although the Excite X10 does not feature 3G connectivity, it does allow for Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth.

The nice thing about Toshiba’s new tablet is that it blends a nice design with good performances within dimensions that might make you think the device will bend in your hands. Mashable writes that the tablet “feels impossibly light, but, thanks to the rigid back, not flimsy”. writes that “while the top of the device is iffy, the X10 packs some nice industrial design touches like a metal bezel and a silver ring around the camera. On the whole, the X10 feels super solid to hold”.

According to officials with the company, the Excite X10 will be available sometimes during the mid first quarter. Prices range from $530 for the 16GB version to $600 for the 32GB version.

But, the release of the world’s thinnest tablet, so far, isn’t the only thing Toshiba has to show for at this year’s CES. The company has also presented a 0.63 inch ultrabook, called the Portege 2830. At only 3 pounds the device offers USB, HDMI, RGB ports and an RJ-45 port for Ethernet and will be priced at $800.

So far, according to the previews at CES, this year’s edition is mainly focused on portability, but the word to describe it is surely ultrathin.

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