Tori Spelling Says she has no Financial Problems

Tori Spelling has been associated to a series of rumors lately, indicating that the actress was dealing with some serious financial problems. Some rumors even went to say that the star was actually bankrupt. However, it seems that the rumors were not really true, as Tory said during a recent interview. 

So, the star talked to People magazine about the claims that have been made regarding her struggle and her financial condition. Without a doubt, Tori wanted to set the record straight on the rumors, saying that her financial condition was perfectly fine. Rumors first emerged after the Beverly Hills 90210 star was sued by her credit card company, American Express. 

According to the lawsuit, Tori failed to pay a credit card balance in January. The complaint indicated that the star was actually unable to pay the sum of $1,070 during last summer, which was surely something unexpected. Well, Tori not only claimed that the rumors were false, but she also said that she wished the entire story and all the rumors would just stop. 

“We’re doing a great new series, I’m really happy, we’re doing a new show on Cooking Channel – we’re not bankrupt, we’re not struggling, we’re fine!” the star said during her interview. Teri went on to say that she is happy and everything is good in her life, including family, health and finances. Teri went on to say that both she and her husband try to make their children understand the value of money because they are both working very hard. 

“My husband and I work really hard. I mean, I’m constantly out there working. It’s so important for my children to see that both their parents are working, and we talk to them about it,” Teri said during her interview. “My kids are like, ‘It’s not fair, why aren’t you home more?’ And I explain [things] to them and we talk about money,” she explained. She also said that she did not learn how to handle money when being young and she wanted to make sure that this will not also happen to her children. 

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