Top Reasons that Might Cause Battery Drain after Jailbreak

One of the main concerns people have when it comes to jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is related to increased battery drain. Many users imagine it is the software jailbreak tool that causes the damage, but the actual reasons are linked to the data a user downloads and uses on an iDevice that has been jailbroken.

First of all, jailbreaking an iDevice isn’t commonly known to cause battery problems, however having full access to the root system of your smartphone and tablet does give you the ability to install software that requires more of their power. It’s always up to the user to install safe and compatible software whether it is on a jailbroken smartphone, tablet or iPod or not.

Some users have reported experiencing increased battery drain following the first few days post jailbreaking. This happens because the installation of the jailbreak performs a lot more than you might notice in the few minutes you just watch it works its magic. Processes such as installing package and reloading data, restarting the home screen as well as rebooting require more power than normally. It usually takes a few days for the device’s battery life to restore a closer level to what it would normally give you.

Jailbreak news and info websites and forums have put together a list of top reasons that might cause battery drain after a jailbreak based on users’ reports. For instance, many will want to jailbreak their device to benefit from free Wi-Fi instead of paying for a costly data plan. Applications such as MyWi, TetherMe or PDANet provide the user with a personal hotspot but 3G is always a heavy factor of drain on any battery. So jailbreak your device, enjoy your personal hotspot but make sure you have a power source for your iPhone if you’re planning to rip the benefits for an extend period of time.

Even if they are certified and safe software, some packages such as Telesphoreo, ModMyi, BigBoss and ZodTTD/Cydia can occasionally experience bugs which can take the strain on the battery life. This isn’t one of the most common reasons, but as JailbreakQA notes it is possible. Also stay away from packages delivered by first-time developers, beginners, flagged as faulty, poorly reviewed, pirated or outdated.

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