Top Features of Samsung Chromebook

Getting the best quality-price ratio is really difficult now that there is such a great diversity in terms of devices and other electronic products. Reading specs and, most of all, understanding them, is the first stage one needs to get through in order to find the best products. It is then, up to the buyer to choose the device that is more appropriate for his/her financial possibilities. 

After a detailed research in the field we had came to the conclusion that Samsung 5 Chromebook represents one of the best deals there is at present. The South Korean manufacturer used to sell the device in exchange of $500, but now the price has been downsized to $249, making its technical details much more alluring for customers. The device may not feature the best technical specs, but it is, nevertheless, worth buying even for the price.

The design of the new laptop has been slightly improved with a smaller display of 11.6 inches and a thinner body of 0.8 inches. This means the notebook only weighs 2.5 pounds now and is much easier to carry around.

As the name says it, Samsung Chromebook is built from a matte grey plastic which feels and looks like the chrome.

Unlike the previous two Samsung laptops, the third-generation model received an ARM processor which is somewhat weaker then ATOM and Celeron. This, however, has enabled producers to cut prices in half. The dual-core A15-based Samsung Exynos 5 Dual (5250) SoC has been paired with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.

The ARM processor has also diminished the battery life as Samsung Chromebook has a runtime of six and a half hours. This might prevent customers from buying the device knowing that there are many other products on the market that offer a ten-hour battery life.

Samsung’s Chromebook runs on Chrome OS software, which has been endowed with many attractive new features. The desktop that has been added on the software makes it a lot easier for owners to control the machine. In addition, Chrome Remote gives the possibility to access other devices, as well.
1. Price
2. Lighter, thinner design
3. Soft keyboard

1. ARM processor
2. 6-hour battery life
3. Outdate look of the Chrome OS software

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