Too Much Twitter Kills Celebrities

A recent survey says that celebrities who use Twitter too much harm their public image, because they might start boring the fans with useless information, reports Reuters.

A decade ago, fans would only dream of staying in touch with their beloved stars 24/7. Now, not only this is happening, but also the information given to the fans is huge. And not all of it is interesting. Celebrities, in their desire to share with fans everyday life events, bombard them with useless information that gives them the impression that celebrities can be easily to get in touch with. And this idea makes them lose glamour and mystery. Of course, not all the tweeted messages are “useless”. Many times, celebrities use twitter to communicate new songs, films, or other promotional data directly to their fans.

According to a research done by Bauer Media, celebrities that use Twitter too much are at risk of shortening the life of their careers. The social networks, if used too often, make the musical and film icons less appealing, increasing the chances of satisfying their fans’ needs too quickly and boring them. The Phoenix IV report states that “In this social media age, it’s all too easy to follow your musical icons on a minute-by-minute basis. There’s a consensus within the industry that this ease of access is leading to artists losing appeal more quickly.”

To some fan’s despair, the music industry takes into account these forecasts and has started considering limiting the access to a range of artists. This will all be done in an attempt to maintain them in the attention of the media for as long as possible. After all, a musical artist’s career length is very important, not only to him , but to other people who gravitate around him.

The public interviewed in the survey was of all ages. The results showed that younger people were excited by the idea of staying in touch with the artists and following their every step virtually. However, older respondents preferred more the idea of the untouchable celebrity which makes him/ her “more special.” Some artists need to be surrounded by mystery in order to boost up their image, like rock stars. As Nichola Browne, former editor at Kerrang magazine said  “knowing too much can kill off rock stars”. And not only them. Actors in Hollywood who post amateur pics of them over and over again begin looking like our next door neighbors.


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