Tony Parker Injured In Fight Between Drake and Chris Brown over Rihanna

NBA star, Tony Parker is one of the many victims who have stated that they were injured during in the club fight between Chris Brown and Drake. According to TMZ, the athlete suffered cornea damage from the shards of glass that got into his eyes. Read more to find out whether Tony Parker will be able to represent America at the London Summer Olympics 2012.

Tony Parker showed up at the police station after the Thursday brawl between Chris Brown and Drake to file a complaint. He told police officers that he, too, like many other victims in the bar, was injured when the two artists started throwing bottles at each other. The medical report proved that Parker suffered minor damages to the eye although he did not take part in the fight.

He explained that he was having a good time with his friends at the New York City club when the fight started. The San Antonio basketball player could not identify the person who threw the first bottle, but he was, nevertheless, hit by many pieces of broken glass. His eyes were the most affected, that is, his cornea has been touched and now Tony needs seven days to recover.

Fans were worried that he won’t be able to perform at the London Olympics this summer, but Parker reassured everyone that he will get back in shape by then. The 30-year-old basketball player called himself lucky for being able to represent his country on the French Olympic team.

Officers investigating the case decided to shut down the Soho nightclub for an undetermined period of time. Chris Brown is not doing very well, either. According to NYPD, he might be sent to jail if police find out he was the one who started the bottle fight as his probation will get revoked.

The subject of the fight, Rihanna, was not pleased to hear about Chris Brown and Drake’s altercation. Based on her friends’ declarations, the “Where Have You Been” singer was worried for the two men and stated that she never wanted anyone to fight for her. As much as Rihanna longed for attention from her ex-partner, Chris Brown, she never wanted the two singers to hurt each other.

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  1. According to NBC they were not fighting over anyone Drake and his groupies attacked Chris Brown, his GIRLFRIEND and bodyguard. Personally, I don’t care for either artist however it is unfair for Chris to have to go back to jail for something he didn’t start.

  2. They are both immature and both of them should serve time.They could of blinded the guy! And go figure fighting over a woman.She must be good at what she does! hint,hint

  3. I dont think chris brown should have to go to jail.. But really throwing bottles? ive seen women fight more manly than that.. Thats a coward move. As for rhianna.. She is nothin but an attention who**.

  4. Both are good artist. N to do stupid stuff like dis. Chris Brown well he already have a bad name. Drake shouldn’t mix himself up with Chris Brown drama. Chris already lost a lot of fans.

  5. i think both didn’t play it on a matured mind at all. well i will blame chris brown for starting it all long, but all the same rihanna is very stupid; she knows that both ar in love for her yl can’t she stick to one and solve the problems all day long for marriage settlement for all these trash to start

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