Toni Danza Is Living His Vocational Dream: Being A Teacher

“Who’s The Boss” star Tony Danza is now living his vocational dream of being a teacher after his show was canceled in 2007. The actor was hosting a one-hour TV talk show, but producers at ABC Network were forced to cancel it because it was not productive enough, according to Reuters.

Long before he started acting, Tony Danza was getting schooled in college to become a history teacher. His vocational orientation changed completely when he was encouraged to pursue a boxing career and later on, to become television man.

Being a celebrity has given Tony Danza many reasons to feel accomplished. However, a small excerpt from his recently launched book, “I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had” explains what determined him to return to teaching.

His one-hour talk show was doing great on ABC until the economic recession started. The company was forced to cut down expenses and Tony Danza lost his job. This wouldn’t normally be a problem for any man in television, but being 60 narrowed down most of the actor’s possibilities. In addition, he went through various family-related issues as the actor and his wife got divorced after 20 years of marriage.

The problems he has come across in the past years determined Tony Danza to turn his attention towards the ones who have been less lucky than him. It was a television commercial for TFA teachers in Baltimore, Maryland that convinced him to volunteer as a teacher for the non-governmental organization.

His decision surprised many, if not all of his former colleagues, but Tony didn’t want to change his mind. Some producers even tried to convince him to make it a win-win situation by taking part in a teaching reality TV show, but Danza realized the cameras were going to disturb the young students from learning, so he rejected their offers. The fragment taken from the book ends with a meeting between Danza and A&E execs, so it is unclear whether the project was turned into a reality TV show or not.

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