Tommy Marth Of The Killers Dead At 33

Earlier this week, fans of the band The Killers got pretty bad news. Tommy Marth, sax player for The Killers, was found dead. The former saxophonist had only 33 years and a career that still hadn’t reached the peak.

Although Tommy Marth wasn’t part of the Killers since 2009, the sax player remained part of the band for its fans. His tunes on two studio albums for The Killers are all that remained of his time with the band.

The former saxophonist for The Killers was found dead earlier this week. Monday morning Tommy Marth’s body was found in his Las Vegas home. According to the authorities handling the case, Tommy Marth seemed to have committed suicide.

The Killers’ Facebook and Twitter status updates read Tuesday: “Last night we lost our friend Thomas Marth. Our prayers are with his family. There’s a light missing in Las Vegas tonight. Travel well, Tommy”.

Ryan Pardey is a local musician close to Tommy Marth. He talked with Las Vegas Weekly the same day Tommy Marth was found dead in his home. “I’m just trying to make sense of the things right now and help some people who aren’t doing very well” he said, referring most likely to Tommy Marth’s parents and siblings. Ryan Pardey added: He was one of the most talented people in our community and one of my closest friends since we were 18”.

Las Vegas band The Big Friendly Corporation also commemorated Tommy on its website. For them the loss would be even harder to go through as both of Tommy’s siblings are in the band. Ryan and Melissa uploaded track “Heaven’s on Your Side” featuring Tommy’s sax playing. The song was accompanied by the following words: “It’s just been a sad, sad day…A stand-up guy, a totally great guy, and I miss him very much”.

In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, back in 2008, Tommy Marth was asked to talk about his skills and personality. The reporters even encouraged the musician to brag a little, but he chose to be humble. He said: “you can always expect honesty, you can always expect me to help you out. I’m always true to my word”.

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