Tom Sizemore Arrested for Abusing his Girlfriend

It seems that famous actor Tom Sizemore is dealing with some new issues. The star got involved into a fight with his girlfriend and has actually been arrested for physical violence. The incident occurred on Tuesday. 

So, the actor was arrested due to domestic violence allegations. Tom was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department. Allegedly, several calls were made to the police with callers saying that they have heard a woman screaming. It remains unknown for the moment why the pair got into the heated argument and why the actor turned violent.

The arrest news was first reported by TMZ, which claimed that cops saw visible physical violence signs, but the woman refused medical attention. She told the officers that Tom struck her in the head and face. She is known to be Tom’s girlfriend, but nothing else has been revealed now. 

Tom has meanwhile been released from custody on $50,000 bail. The actor has not commented on the arrest and it is yet to see which the next steps will be to conclude this case. Well, this is by far the first time when Tom has been dealing with such issues. Actually, he was previously arrested on a similar incident. 

So, this similar case dates back in 2003, when the actor was sentenced to 6 months in jail for beating his girlfriend. At that time, Tom was dating Heidi Fleiss. The actor has had other problems with the law as well, being arrested several times on allegations of drug possession and on charges of violating his probation. 

Actually, Tom was imprisoned between August 2007 and January 2009 for violating his probation in a drug linked case. Tom Sizemore is without a doubt best known for his roles in the movies Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Most recently, the actor has unfortunately been involved in an accident on the set of a new series, Shooter, which led to the death of a stunt worker. Tom ran into an awaiting Cadillac and was supposed to stay there, but the stunt coordinator told him to pull out. The actor drove the car in reverse and ran this man over.

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