Tom Hiddleston Supports Girlfriend Taylor Swift amid Kanye West Feud

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are getting stronger as a couple. The actor publicly admitted during a phone interview that he and Taylor are a couple and it seems that things are going perfectly well between them. And of course Tom is by Taylor’s side in the scandal with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. 

An insider claimed that the actor is “really being so supportive and telling her to be calm.” Taylor and Kanye West have been feuding for quite some time, but things went to the next level after Kim Kardashian decided to post on Snapchat some videos of Taylor’s phone call with Kanye. Furthermore, allegedly numerous celebrities have taken Kanye’s side on this and of course Taylor is very angry. 

Taylor “is completely upset and flabbergasted that Kim and Kanye keep using her name for publicity and keep trying to bring her down,” the source said according to US Weekly. “This is incredibly hurtful and unnecessary,” the same insider explained. The insider also said that Taylor denied that she gave Kanye her consent to use the word “b***h” to refer to her in a song and she is sticking with her claims. 

Furthermore, the source said that Taylor would have “never given her blessing if she knew it would be used in such a degrading and hurtful way. This is not anything she asked to be a part of and they keep dragging her into this.”

Another insider talking to Hollywood Life also claimed that Tom is by Taylor’s side in this whole story. The insider explained that the actor knows how to be there for her. He is “very pragmatic about it all. He knows he has to be cool, calm and collected around Taylor to give her the support she needs.” The source also said that the actor is trying to be strong for his girlfriend. 

As for Kanye and Taylor, the singer is definitely unhappy with the whole situation. Moreover, Taylor is considering to file a lawsuit against Kanye and Kim for releasing the phone conversation. It is yet to see what will happen.

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