Tom Hardy Offers Insights On “The Dark Knight Rises”

Us Weekly reports that Tom Hardy offered new insights about his part in “The Dark Knight Rises” during the film’s premiere in New York city on Monday. The actor spoke about the techniques he used to get in the villain’s shoes.

I think it’s safe to say that Tom Hardy is capable of interpreting a wide range of roles from the easiest to the most difficult ones. Nevertheless, the actor confessed during “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere in New York city that he had a hard time playing the part of Batman’s latest rival, Bane. Director Christopher Nolan has helped him make the right choices in order to act as a true villain.

Hardy wanted to reassure people that he does not mind playing the part of a negative character. On the contrary, he confessed that he loves being a villain because you can do and say whatever you want during the making of the movie. In his opinion, being a lead is too boring, so Tom was glad he was selected to be the bad guy in the latest Batman gig.

The Joker used to be the famous Batman villain until Heath Ledger died in 2008. As a result, Tom Hardy felt a tremendous pressure in taking over the cape of the famous foe. He needed extra energy to perform in the drama, but Chris provided him the intimate environment he needed in order to make a memorable performance. The two have worked together on the set of “Inception”, so they immediately knew what the other’s requests were.

When asked whether he plans to return in a future Batman movie, the 34-year-old actor initially stated that he won’t be wearing Bane’s cape in the future. During the Monday interview, however, Hardy changed his statement by telling the press that he would definitely consider a return to Gotham if directors call him up. Fans will be able to see Tom Hardy as Bane on July 20, the release date of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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