Tom Hanks Stars in Nora Ephron’s Play; Bursts Into Tears After Broadway Representation

Tom Hanks starred in one last play written by his late friend, Nora Ephron, “Lucky Guy”. The Broadway debut, which was held on Wednesday, was followed by Tom Hanks’ tearful moment, the Inquisitr reports.

Tom Hanks and Nora Ephron had had a wonderful professional collaboration; the writer chose Tom to play in two of her most famous movies, “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail”. The debut of Ephron’s last play “Lucky Guy” was held on Wednesday at Broadhurst Theater in New York with the participation of numerous A-list actors.

Tom Hanks plays the part of the Daily News Pulitzer Prize winner, Mike McAlary, who dies of cancer at a very early age. Apart from Hanks’ interpretation the play did not get many positive responses from critics as the majority of them considered the subject too superficial for a Broadway play. The play was, in fact, initially written for an HBO movie, but the production has not been completed yet.

Tom Hanks was deeply impressed that he was chosen as a cast member on Nora’s play. His emotions grew stronger by the end of the representation and the Oscar-winning actor burst into tears in front of the cheering crowd. The actor confessed in an interview for NYPost that he grew sad because he realized his friend, Nora, will not be joining him on stage at the end of the play as she normally did.

The “You’ve Got Mail” star further revealed that he and the former writer were bound by a powerful friendship. They used to spend a lot of time together, so the actor really misses hanging out with Ephron. The two used to have nice conversations about all sorts of subjects whenever they met on set. “You could be working, and you could be talking about personal things, you could be on vacation and talking about cultural history, you could be having a very lazy breakfast and you would be talking about Saddam Hussein,” Hanks concluded.

Hanks’ Broadway interpretation was witnessed by many stars and co-stars, who were just as close to Nora as he was. Barbara Walters, Brian Williams, Lorne Michaels, Sting and Meg Ryan were also present at the Broadway debut.

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