Tom Cruise to Undergo Secret Plastic Surgery in Switzerland

Of course, celebrities are always trying to look their best and naturally, this requires some sacrifices, and sometimes even some medical interventions. Now, some rumors seem to indicate that Tom Cruise might have turned to the help of plastic surgery, as the famous actor does not like the way he has been aging. 

So, a new report indicated that the star wants to restructure his face, this is why he is currently on a trip to Switzerland. The famous actor will be undergoing a secret plastic surgery in Europe.

The news was first reported by In Touch Weekly, which claimed that Tom has actually chosen Switzerland because he found in this country a “world-renowned plastic surgeon,” who may be able to help him improve his looks. 

The report said that the actor actually worried that his “days as a Hollywood heartthrob are slipping further behind him, and he’s determined to put a stop to it.” “He is getting older and it’s starting to show. He’s noticed that his jawline and brows are starting to droop. It’s been making him unhappy for a long time,” an insider talking to In Touch explained. 

The same source went on to add that Tom started to be disappointed with the way he looks while working on The Mummy, a new movie. “He was somewhat disappointed in how he looked after he saw himself onscreen. The lighting and makeup people tried to work around it, but there was only so much they could do,” the insider clarified. 

The source also explained that solving these issues with his looks is very important for the actor. The insider claimed that Tom has to undergo a “face-lift” procedure to be able to address the problems. Well, the source explained that the actor does not want the surgery to be noticeable, but he actually only wants to have a slightly younger look. 

However, this is not everything that the report said. In Touch also claimed that the actor was actually “enthralled” with his co-star, Annabelle Wallis, and plans to give it a try with the beautiful actress. The actor has not commented on the report. 

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