Tom Cruise’s First Post-Split Visit To Suri

Tom Cruise was finally able to visit his daughter for the first time after the split, says a recent report published on People magazine. As soon as he finished shooting for “Oblivion” the actor took the first flight to New York to be with his daughter.

For the first time in many weeks, Suri was spotted in company of her father instead of her mother. Photographers managed to get a glimpse of the two as Cruise was carrying the little girl in his arms towards the Greenwich Hotel where he will be staying the following period.

Tom Cruise requested his former wife the permission to see his 6-year-old daughter in a neutral location. Katie, however, rejected his demand because he wanted to keep the daughter on a schedule, so she would not be too affected by the divorce. As a consequence, the actor had to take Suri to her gymnastics lesson at Chelsea Piers on Tuesday afternoon.

Suri and her dad were followed by many photographers as they exited the hotel to go to Chelsea Piers. The 6-year-old daughter did not abandon her stuffed animals during her meeting with Tom, so the actor had to carry his daughter and her toys in his arms. As usual, Cruise was accompanied by his sister, Cass, who was also carrying toys for the little girl.

Cass is believed to act as an intermediary between Tom and Katie as the two are not allowed to have any contacts according to their July 7th settlement. Despite this, Cruise was seen entering Holmes’ new apartment when he arrived to take his daughter. Sources claim that his ex-wife was not home, so he was allowed to stay for a few minutes until Suri was ready to go with him.

Insiders stated that Tom Cruise was anxious to see his daughter because Skype has been the only means of communication between them. From now on, the actor will do his best to spend as much time with Suri as the settlement allows him to. Both parents have agreed to keep things civil because they don’t want Suri to suffer.

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