Tom Cruise Doesn’t Take Medication because of Scientology

According to some new rumors, famous actor Tom Cruise should be under medical treatment, but the Hollywood star refuses because of his religious beliefs and because he is part of the Church of Scientology. It has been claimed that the famous actor suffered a broken ankle, but he is determined to not take any painkillers.

Radar Online reported that the injury happened while Tom Cruise was filming for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6. It seems that the star performed a very dangerous stunt and this is how the injury occurred. However, Tom will just suffer in silence, with no relief because he will take no drugs. “Tom will not be taking painkillers or drugs for his broken ankle,” an insider said according to the celebrity site.

The same source went on to explain that Tom actually thinks that his religious belief will help him overcome this health issue, so he “will look to Scientology to cure him.” Another insider told the celebrity site that the Church of Scientology might have an explanation for why the injury occurred.

“According to the Church’s faith, it believes that illnesses and accidents like this come because there is a Potential Trouble Source in someone’s life. A PTS comes because a member is connected to a ‘Suppressive Person,’ which is usually someone who has left the Church or is a non-believer,” the insider said. The source claimed that there are a lot of such persons in Tom’s life, and there still is a constant one.

“In Tom’s case, he has a number of supposed SPs in his life, such as his ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, who are both Catholic and left the Church,” the same insider explained. “But daughter Suri is the biggest problem, as she is now living with her mother in New York and it’s rumored that he hasn’t seen her for over three years,” the source concluded.

The injury was previously confirmed by a rep for the famous actor. However, it is currently not known if the claims are true and the actor is really refusing treatment. Tom has been in the media attention lately because of criticism from famous actress Leah Remini, who constantly targets the Church of Scientology and Tom for being one of its most famous members.

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