Tom Brady: “Being Married To Gisele Is Stressful”

Football stud, Tom Brady released an interview for VMAN magazine in which he admits that being married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen is stressful. The difficulty arises from the fact that the New England quarterback has to take part in many fashion-related events and look stylish all the time.

Football players and sexy models make great teams, but their lives are not as easy as it may appear at first sight. Tom Brady revealed some of the aspects of his marriage in a recent interview with the VMAN magazine. Even though the New England Patriots quarterback is getting along very well with his wife, their hectic schedules make their marriage very stressful.

According to Brady, taking part in well-known fashion events, such as the Met Ball, is one of the most difficult things that the football player has to do. There is a lot of pressure on his wife because she has to wear the right dress and look gorgeous all the time. This, in turn, affects all the members of the family, not just Gisele.

In spite of all the stress, Tom Brady acknowledges that Gisele is the one who pulls the laboring oar. He told the press that her job looks easy because she makes it look so, but there are many sacrifices she has to make for everything to be perfect.

Tom Brady also tackles the subject of parenthood after being long admired for the affection that he shows towards his two sons, Jack, 4, and Benjamin, 2. The football player stated that he grew up in a “sensitive” environment with three older sisters and two loving parents. Thanks to them, he was able to learn how to express his real emotions.

Brady may be a tough guy on the field, but in his private life, he is an affectionate parent and husband. He confessed that he likes to kiss his boys a thousand times a day and surround them with as much love as possible. In fact, the quarterback plans to have two more kids in the near future.

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