Tocomail App to Offer a Fun Way for Kids to Use Email

A new app tries to offer kids a fun and interesting new way of using email in a quite safe environment. Actually, Tocomail app is described as a fun way for kids to use email, with no concerns for their parents. 

The app was specially designed for kids, so it is simple to use, fun and safe. The service allows parents to add a personalized email address for their kids. 

The new app comes in a free and a premium version. The free version allows basic parental control, as it features safe lists of contacts. 

However, the premium version comes with more advanced controls, for even increased security. Parents can even opt to have certain information sent to their regular email account, for a higher level of security. 

For instance, they can receive the messages that are not in the safe list, having the option to approve or reject them. This includes emails from addresses that are not saved in the safe contact list. 

The app comes with a very interesting feature, which actually allows parents to find out if their child is being bullied. The feature is known as bullying recognizer and will notify parents immediately after tracing sings of such a situation. 

Moreover, parents can personalize the app depending on the age of their child and the type of control they want to have on the email. They can limit the addresses to which their child can send mail and from which they can receive messages. 

The app comes with options for kids to customize the service, too, allowing them to personalize lists and profile details. They may add pictures and create attachments using the instruments that the app provides. This will surely make email more fun to use for all kids. 

Tocomail was actually designed to help parents gain control over the email activity of their children. The medium was thought to be safe for kids, giving parents ultimate control over emailing activity. 

The new app was designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app is considered to be a great idea, offering parents the possibility to know that the email activity of their kids is always safe.

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