Titanfall Game Available for Xbox One

It seems that Microsoft is preoccupied with offering its customers an interesting game. Now, Titanfall game will be available for Xbox One. 

Reports reveal that Titanfall is a new combat game for Xbox One, which will go on sale starting with Tuesday. The game is quite expected by the fans, as Microsoft has been promoting it for months, actually since last June. 

Microsoft has already launched a Titanfall Xbox One bundle and a limited edition Titanfall Xbox one controller, which the company has placed in sale. The Titanfall game was developed by Respawn Entertainment and launched by Electronic Arts. The game was created especially for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and personal computers that run Microsoft Windows. 

The game has already managed to draw a lot of interest, but it is yet to see if it will be able to meet the expectations. Retailers are planning to launch the new game at midnight, at 6,000 stores from all over the world, reports reveal. 

It has also been reported that the game costs $60, but Microsoft has prepared a surprise for its customers. Titanfall will be offered for free to customers who purchase the Xbox One. It is quite curious that the company already offers a special deal to the game console it released in November, but they are definitely trying to enhance sales. 

Actually, there are some changes that Microsoft has made to its console with the main purpose to make it more competitive on the market, in the battle aginst the competitor game console, naturally the popular PlayStation 4. Unfortunately for Microsoft and its Xbox One, the company has been unable to match the success and the sales of PlayStation 4. 

Last week, the game console underwent a new update, which aimed to give the device some improvements, as well as new additions. People who tested Titanfall seem to have been really enthusiastic about the game. This has actually become the most preordered videogame in the United States, so the interest is huge. 

Maybe what Microsoft is seeking for is to enhance sales of its Xbox One with the release of Titanfall. Still, exactly how this will evolve is something we are yet to find out. This is the debut game for Respawn Entertainment. 

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