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Tips To Prevent Oiliness In The Summer

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you got… oily skin on your mind. Sweating is usually benefic because it helps purify and regenerate our skin. However, high temperatures may be really annoying, especially for people who have oily skin. The following tips could help you prevent oiliness in the summer and enjoy your sunny vacation.

Use a purifying lotion. Opting for a cleanser that has a slightly more acidic formula is one of the first changes you should consider if you want to prevent shine. You don’t necessarily have to have pimples or acne to use this product; it is also recommended for shine-prone skin. Salicilic acid based cleansers represent the best choice because the ingredients they contain are neither too harsh, nor too mild, so they do not affect the natural pH level of the skin.

Change your face cream. In the winter time, we tend to use fat products to protect our epidermis from cold. Most women who complain about oily skin forget to switch to a lighter face cream in the summertime; as a result, their pores are weighed down with too much product and skin begins to produce too much sebum. If you have mixed skin type, you may even skip the areas that are problematic, such as, the forehead and the nose.

Apply facials. Summer is the best season of all, considering the wide variety of produce we have at our disposition. Now is the time to give up expensive spa visits and use homemade facials to minimize your skin problems. Cucumbers are moderately astringent, so they can work miracles when applied on oily skin.

Eat right. Vegetable and fruits will have better results if you also include them in your diet. Greasy food, such as, French fries and hamburgers, as well as heavy cakes, will contribute to the amount of sebum that your skin produces. If you really feel like eating sweets, it is better to switch to bitter chocolate as it is natural and, therefore, benefic for your epidermis.

Use mineral based makeup. It is important to wear lighter makeup when the weather gets too hot because your skin needs to breathe. Mineral based products are highly recommended as they match your sun kissed complexion without burdening it.

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