Tinder Users’ Locations Exposed for Months

Tinder, a popular dating app, seems to have exposed the exact locations of its users for several months, without telling the public. 

The tool is considered to be great for anyone looking for a hook up, but apparently Tinder is not really secure. Actually, the app has been exposing the exact location of its users for months. 

Business Week revealed that the flow in Tinder has in fact been tracked by Internet Security researchers, who found that the app made it possible to discover other users’ exact location. Moreover, Tinder made nothing public about this problem. 

Researchers at Internet Security went to find out that the app allowed any hacker with basic skills to discover the precise location of a user, to within 100 feet. This means that basically anyone could find out for example where someone they like lives or where an ex is hanging out. 

In other words, the flow in the app allowed users to see a picture of someone and then immediately find out where that person was. Of course, this raises great security concerns among users. Moreover, Internet Security Company claims that they announced Tinder of their issue about three months ago. 

Actually, Internet Security commonly searches for problems in apps, software and websites, while then it announces that particular website of the issues, offering it three months to fix the problem before making it public. 

It has been reported that Tinder asked for more time, as it seems that they were unable to fix the issue sooner. Tinder also choose to keep the issue a secret. Until now, the company has decided to remain silent regarding all these revelations, so it made no official comments and no statements. 

Some reports indicate that the flow was fixed earlier this year. Tinder was first launched in September 2012. The app allows users to find potential dates easily, telling users how far they are located. The app was considered to be great by people willing to find dates closer to their location. 

However, it seems that the flow in the app allowed users to find the precise location of the individual, not just a general information on how far away the two might be. 

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