Timothy Lambesis Pleads Guilty to Solicitation of Murder Charges

The lead singer of As I Lay Dying has decided to plead guilty to solicitation of murder charges. Timothy Lambesis admitted to have hired someone to kill his estranged wife. 

The lead singer of the Grammy nominated metal band remains free on $2 million bond. He will be sentenced on May 2. The accusation is solicitation of murder, which the 32 years old singer decided to admit. 

Lambesis wanted to hire someone to kill his former wife, but he ended up talking with an undercover agent. The man testified in court and said that the singer made it clear during their meeting that he wanted his wife dead. Moreover, a conversation between the two was recorded by the agent. 

The singer was arrested in May 2013, as prosecutors received the evidence from the agent, including the sum of $1000 and the singer’s wife’s address and front door security code. The agent claimed that Lambesis was willing to pay no less than $20,000 to get the job done. 

The investigation on this case began last April, when the singer told his personal trainer that he wanted to get rid of his wife. The personal trainer of the singer contacted the police following this discussion and the agent was sent to do his job. 

It seems that the reason why Lambesis wanted his wife gone was actually linked to the fact that she restricted the time that the star could spend with the couple’s three adopted children. Moreover, the singer said that she made it difficult to close the divorce. The singer and his former wife were married for no less than 8 years. 

The marriage between Timothy Lambesis and his wife Meggan ended in September 2012. The singer also explained that his former wife would get a large amount of his income after the divorce and this made him extremely angry.

Earlier, the star denied all charges, but he finally agreed to enter a plea deal that will make him spend no less than 9 years in prison. 

Timothy Lambesis is the lead singer of the As I Lay Dying band. The band was formed back in 2000, releasing no less than 6 album until now. The group has numerous fans nowadays.

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