Tim Thomas refuses to attend the White House ceremony honoring Boston Bruins

The ice-hockey player, Tim Thomas refused to attend the white House ceremony honoring Boston Bruins, says Los Angeles Times. The event was organized by President Barack Obama in honor of the 2011 Stanley Cup Championship victory scored by the Boston Bruins. Thomas did not respond to the invitation because he believes the federal government threatens rights and liberties.

The veteran goaltender would have received Obama’s personal praise if he had come to the ceremony. However, the hockey player decided to protest against the government, instead. He wrote on his Facebook account on Monday that he believes the current political leaders of the United States have “grown out of control”; therefore he chooses to exercise his rights.

The team didn’t seem to support Thomas’ political opinions. On the contrary, they were very disappointed that their colleague missed such a great event. Moreover, they reassured the press that their political views are not in keeping with the ones of the goaltender.

Even so, the Boston Bruins are grateful to Thomas for the efforts he has made to help the team win the Stanley cup. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the year in 2011 because he managed to get the sixth Stanley cup to the team.

Tim Thomas was born in Michigan. At the beginning of his career he joined the team at the University of Vermont until 1997. After this brief period he played in the minor leagues and Europe, but later on managed to get to the NHL with the Boston Bruins.

He won the Vezina trophy in 2009 and 2011 due to his performances as a goaltender. In 2010 he attended the Winter Olympics in Vancouver as a member of Team USA. He was the second American-born player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy in NHL’s history. His results were only exceeded by Brian Leetch who received the trophy due to his brilliant play in 1994.

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