Tim Tebow Is America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Guest

Based on a recent survey, Tim Tebow is America’s favorite Thanksgiving Day guest. The majority of the respondents chose the New York Jets quarterback over any other famous personality including Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama, the Inquisitr reports.

Barack Obama may be a family man with a strong sense of humor, but that’s not what Americans want when it comes to their Thanksgiving Day guest. A recent survey showed that Tim Tebow’s charisma and, let’s face it, his strong religious beliefs have helped him conquer Americans’ hearts. Although the quarterback did not receive any invitations from his fans for this Thanksgiving Day, figures show that supporters would love to have the NFL football player over for dinner.

Tim Tebow obtained the biggest percentage as 23% people named him as a guest. Big Bird, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama were the other options people had in mind when asked about their preferences. The least likely to be invited for a Thanksgiving dinner was the American statistician Nate Silver who obtained only 5 percent of the votes.

The survey was performed on 700 adult respondents, who were supposed to answer various questions in relation to their Thanksgiving Day practices. Apparently, roasted turkey is America’s most favorite dish during this holiday as 88 percent respondents confessed they would serve this meal during their dinner parties. Smoked or deep-fried turkey was only voted by 9 percent people.

In case you still needed reassurance for this particular aspect, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for the family. 63 percent of the respondents confirmed this by stating that the best part about this holiday is that they can have the entire family and the dear ones under the same roof. Others, however, can only think about food when it comes to Turkey Day (53%), whereas spending time with the family was chosen as the third most important significance of the holiday.

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