Tim Cook Tweets Photo that Reveals Windows Use in Macs

Tim Cook recently tweeted quite an interesting photo. The photo revealed a Mac which runs on the Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, pic that was shared by Cook over the weekend on his Twitter account.

While there is no secret that Mac computers are actually using the operating system developed by Microsoft, it seems that many fans were surprised to see that Tim Cook shared such a photo. Most probably, Cook did not realize that the computers seen in the back are running Windows. Still, fans did notice that. 

So, the photo showed Tim Cook visiting a manufacturing plant and looking very interested in the process. The pic was accompanied by the following message: “Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday, thanks to a team loaded with manufacturing expertise.” 

Fans quickly observed that the system that runs on computers used in the manufacturing plant was actually Windows and the picture drew a lot of criticism. The fact that Apple relies on the power of Windows was quickly pointed out by fans. Of course, this was considered to be a big mistake that Tim Cook made in terms of PR. 

Moreover, the pic comes as Tim Cook recently mocked the Windows 8 operating system. Actually, less than one week after Cook’s speech in which he talked about this OS, the CEO of Apple tweeted a photo that showed the usage of the system nowhere else than in Apple’s manufacturing plant of the Mac. The CEO of Apple made a visit at the Austin campus. 

Tim Cook claimed to be extremely excited to be there, but apparently his photo failed to achieve the impact that Cook hoped it will get. 

Several reports indicated that this actually is not the first time when the use of Windows is seen in Apple’s factories, so fans should not be that shocked. There is no word on which type of Windows was used on these computers, but a series of comments reveal that it might be Windows 7 or even Windows XP. PC World reported that Apple used Windows on Macs to run electronic design automation software or other similar programs. 

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