Tim Cook to talk about Data Privacy

The CEO of Apple is surely enjoying a great success now. Apple just released two new smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which are as popular as possible. Without a doubt, the release of the latest iPhone has been a crucial moment in the career of Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple. 

Well, recently, Cook decided to talk about data privacy and the government surveillance operations revealed by Snowden. “I don’t think that the country, or the government’s found the right balance,” Tim Cook claimed. “I think they erred too much on the collect everything side,” he added. 

Cook was also asked if Apple has revealed data of its users to the government. The famous tech company CEO claimed that Apple doesn’t receive relatively few requests from the government for user data. The CEO explained that legally they can only give a range of the data. However, Tim Cook claimed that at Apple user data such as iMessages is encrypted and it cannot be accessed. So, Tim Cook claimed in his interview that users have the right to privacy and Apple is always protecting the privacy of its users.  

“Our view is that when we design a new service we try not to collect data. So we’re not reading your email. We’re not reading your iMessage. If the government laid a subpoena on us to get your iMessages, we can’t provide it. It’s encrypted and we don’t have a key,” Cook explained. 

He went on to add that the entire business is based on selling products. So, Apple is not interested in information about its users. Apple is focused on products, which it develops and sells. Probably, these comments come as numerous famous companies collect and use data about users, including here Facebook and Google. 

It is now speculated that Apple actually plans on focusing on a new product. As the famous company presented the Apple Watch and two new iPhones, it seems that it might now be focused on the release of the Apple TV. Such as the Apple Watch, the Apple TV has been rumored and expected for long. Maybe, now Apple will focus its attention on the release of this device. Cook revealed that this is an area Apple continues to look at.  

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