Tim Cook: This is Epic

Tim Cook told US Today that the releases recently announced by Apple actually are epic. Tim Cook was without a doubt the person who most expected this new release. During his time as the CEO of Apple, Cook made no historical changes or announcements. 

That may have changed now. So, Tim Cook took the stage to announce the new devices. He revealed two new, larger iPhones, but also the Apple Watch. These three devices are without a doubt the most expected of the year. For months, the new releases have been rumored, drawing a lot of interest from fans. Apple also recently introduced a new payment system called Apple Pay. 

“If there was a lot of emotion in my voice today, it’s because we’ve all been waiting for this day for a long time. It felt so great,” Tim Cook claimed according to USA Today. “The people at this company are doing the best work of their lives, the best work that Apple has ever done,” the famous CEO of Apple added. 

Tim Cook became the CEO of the famous company in 2011, when Steve Jobs passed away. Jobs has been his boss, but also his mentor. For Tim Cook the pressure has been amazing, as it definitely was extremely hard to meet the expectations and follow in this role Steve Jobs, a man of a great vision and passion. 

Some decisions that Cook took in his role as Apple’s CEO might be seen as curious. There were some great changes that the famous company experienced. For instance, Apple introduced now for the first time a larger screen iPhone, although it has previously been said that the company will not follow this trend, as the size of the iPhone is absolutely perfect. However, the change is something that Apple needs. “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to switch people from Android to iOS. So yes, this is epic. It is epic,” Cook said.

“We didn’t make the first mp3, smartphone or tablet. But you can say we made the first modern mp3, smartphone and tablet,” Tim Cook revealed. “And I think now we’re making the first modern smartwatch. So I think that from that point of view, history is repeating itself. When people look at this (Apple Watch), it’s kind of hard to buy anything else. It all of a sudden defines the category.” He claimed that what matters for the company now is not making things first, but making them the best.

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