Tim Cook Says He Is His Own Man, Not The Next Steve Jobs

From day one of his becoming Apple Chief Executive, Tim Cook had some pretty big shoes to fill. What Steve Jobs had done for Apple made many believe Tim Cook wasn’t even half the man. During the annual All Things Digital conference, Tim Cook said he is his own man, not the next Steve Jobs and talked about Apple’s upcoming projects.

We’ve been waiting for Tim Cook to make a signature move from his seat as Apple Inc CEO. For a long time, even after Steve Jobs’ demise, Tim Cook remained sort of in the shadow. But, during the annual gathering of the most powerful executives in technology and media, Tim Cook showed his colors and made sure everybody understands he is not the next Steve Jobs.

It goes without saying, the All Things Digital isn’t Tim Cook’s first talk with the media and industry peers. However this conference gives a whole new insight in this man’s vision for one of the most popular companies and brands throughout the world.

Tim Cook seemed fairly happy with his position at Apple. He literally said he’s“loving every minute of it” and has never been more amazed by all “the things I cannot talk about today”.  And Cook remained pretty elusive about most of Apple’s upcoming projects. His interviewers, Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg only got hints of what Apple’s planning. “The juices are flowing, said Tim Cook, and we have some incredible things coming out”.

The Apple CEO talked about all his company’s main focus areas, but in terms that only confirmed they were working on it, without revealing what the “it” was. So, given Tim Cook’s statements, it seems that Apple is preparing a second line of Macs, iPads and iPhones that will be so much better than today’s models. Even Apple TV has been described as “an area of intense interest”.

Like always, Tim Cook talked about Steve Jobs in very good terms, he confessed he had a lot to learn from him. He made it clear he will not be the next Steve Jobs. “Steve was a visionary. My role was never to replace him” and added that he’s “never felt the weight of trying to be Steve. It’s not who I am and it’s not my goal in life”.

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