Tim Cook Pleased with Apple Pay

Apple has had a great year in 2014, so, there is no wonder that Tim Cook is so pleased with its results. Now, Apple has released its brand new service, the Apple Pay, and it seems that its debut has been a success. The famous CEO of Apple announced that over one million credit cards were activated within 72 hours. 

The impressive number of activations in just a few days actually makes Apple Pay the largest mobile-payment service. And of course Tim Cook is extremely happy, as he claimed during his appearance at the WSJD Live Global Technology Conference. Cook also claimed that he is very confident in the future success of Apple Pay, so he expects this service to continue to grow. 

“You are only relevant as a retailer or merchant if your customers love you,” Tim Cook said. “It’s the first and only mobile payment system that’s easy, private and secure.” The Apple Pay was launched on October 20. This new Apple service aims to allow customers in the United States to buy the items they want from more than 220,000 stores with the use of the latest iPhone. The service was released ahead of the Christmas season, in perfect time for Apple users to be able to make their shopping much easier. 

Well, even though Apple Pay is a huge success, it seems that Tim Cook is certain that the product which will bring most revenues for Apple is the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are as popular as possible and Cook claimed that he expects the smartphone lineup to bring the highest profits for Apple in the next three to five years.

Tim Cook also talked about a classic Apple product which has been discontinued. Last month, the popular company decided to quietly stop the production of the iPod classic. Now, Tim Cook claimed that the reason they did so was actually linked to the fact that they could no longer find parts for this device. The CEO of Apple said that they could no longer have access to the components needed for this product. Naturally, if Apple really wanted to still produce this device, it would have been able to find the parts. Still, Cook claimed that they just felt that this was not something that Apple should invest in any longer.

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