Tim Cook Debuts Apple Watch

The much expected moment is finally here. Tim Cook has announced the launch of the Apple Watch. The famous CEO of Apple made the announcement at an event that the company hosted in San Francisco on Monday. Tim Cook claimed that the new release actually represents a new revolution in consumer gadgets. 

The Apple Watch is the first brand-new product that Apple has release since Tim Cook became its CEO, following the death of its founder Steve Jobs. And it seems that Cook couldn’t be happier to present this brand new device. It seems that he is absolutely confident that the Apple Watch will turn out to be a huge success for the famous tech company. 

“The Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created,” Tim Cook claimed during the event. “It’s not just with you, it’s on you,” the popular CEO explained. Well, if Cook truly believes that this product is exceptional, it is yet to find out what customers will think. The new Apple Watch will be available on the market in three different versions. Of course, the most debated and interesting one is the Apple Watch Edition. 

The Apple Watch Edition is the high-end version of the device and it actually was built using 18-karat rose or yellow gold. Of course, the device has a price matched for a gold watch, so it starts at no less than $10,000. Cook claimed that the new Apple Watch Edition will be available in limited quantities, so those who plan on investing in this product, should hurry to buy it. “The Apple Watch Edition is the most beautiful expression of the Apple Watch,” Cook claimed. 

Of course, users will also be able to access more affordable options. For instance, the Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $359 for the 38 mm version and $399 for the 42 mm version. On the other hand, the mid-tier Apple Watch is available starting with $549 to $1,049, depending on the type of watchband that users will pick. 

Apple announced that the new Apple Watch will be available on April 24, although pre-orders start on April 10. So, in about one month, we will find out how successful this new device really is. 

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