Tim Cook Claims that Steve Jobs’ Legacy is Still in Place

According to Tim Cook, nothing has changed at Apple. In fact, the CEO of Apple says that the values that Steve Jobs has established are still in place, while his legacy has not been forgotten. 

Apparently, Tim Cook wanted to talk about the former CEO of Apple, thing he did in the recent interview he gave to the New York Times. Tim Cook was named CEO following the death of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Since the first moment, Cook was compared with Jobs, who was the soul and the image of Apple for years.

Looking up to a leader such as Steve Jobs is surely not easy for Tim Cook, while the expectations from him are definitely huge. Jobs has always been the heart and the soul of Apple. However, Cook thinks that nothing has really changed, at least this is what he claimed during the interview he gave on Sunday. 

According to Cook, what Jobs did was to establish a set of values that will always remain in place. “Steve established a set of values and he established preoccupations and tones that are completely enduring,” Tim Cook said. However, there are some things that Apple might be planning for the near future. Still, some claim that Tim Cook is less involved in the process of engineering products that are going to be released by the famous company, at least compared to Steve Jobs. 

So, some rumors indicate that Apple plans on releasing a hybrid laptop-tablet, although it remains unclear when this concept was first developed within the company, if the rumors are true. Apple is well known to release its products only when they are sure that they are perfect, according to their own standards. Apple is also said to be working at the release of an iWatch, while Cook is said to be very much interested in this new product, rumors reveal.  

It has also been rumored that Tim Cook was the main supporter of the iPad mini project, which Steve Jobs never wanted to release. The new interview indicates that Cook believed that everyone would love such a product. 

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